The Benefits of Choosing an Independent Insurance Agent

If you’re searching for car or home insurance, you’re probably thinking about the policy you’ll end up with — how much it will cost and when you’ll be able to get coverage in place. At Anco Insurance, we encourage you to take the extra step to put the same amount of time and effort that goes into shopping for the right personal insurance policy toward finding the right insurance agent.

Insurance Agents Are Not All the Same

The key to finding the agent who you believe will work best for you comes with understanding that not all agents are made the same. There are captive agents, who work directly for specific insurance companies, and there are independent insurance agents who can pull from various insurance companies to get the best coverage for their clients. Additionally, with an independent agent, you get:

  • Freedom of choice. An independent agent can request free policy quotes from multiple, highly rated insurance companies that offer the service and prices you desire. You can then choose your policy from amongst these options.
  • One agent for all your insurance needs. Unlike agents who work for a single company, and are thus limited to a specific set of insurance products, independent agents have access to numerous companies with various products to offer, ranging from home and auto insurance to business insurance to life and health insurance.
  • An insurance advocate. As independent agents, we are not employed by the insurance companies. We are here to work directly for you, our client. We will stand by your side whenever you have concerns or problems with your company, fighting on your behalf to ensure you get the service and result you deserve.
  • Personalized attention. We are here to answer our own phones and help our clients whenever they need us. We get to know you and your goals. We take the time to keep an eye on your coverage and will periodically review your policies to make sure you are getting the best protection for every dollar spent. Overall, we will work hard to make sure you have a positive insurance experience.

Do you currently work with an independent agent? If so, what made you choose the agent you are working with now?