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Land surveyor insurance that’s as detailed as the work you perform.

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Don’t let mistakes and accidents undermine your business.

The risks land surveyors are commonly up against.

Your role as a land surveyor involves determining the legal boundaries, mapping out the infrastructure, and identifying the slopes and topography of the land. The accuracy of your work is what your clients rely on, and if you make an error, it can cost them money and potentially property, all of which can result in a lawsuit. For example, if you survey land for a client and they get into a dispute with a neighbor regarding the boundaries of their property, your work could come into question. Or if your survey results fail to include accurate topography measurements, it could cause problems or delays with the construction of a building. Here are some additional risks your policy should protect you from:

  • Auto Accidents
  • Errors and Omissions
  • Employment Practices Lawsuits
  • Cyber Claims
  • Equipment & Property Damage
  • Drone property and liability losses

How land surveyor insurance can protect your business.

When it comes to working for a client, there is a chance that they might file a lawsuit if they believe the work you’ve done is not accurate. Whether or not it’s valid, it still must be defended. That’s where having professional liability (errors and omissions insurance (E&O) may help protect your business. Another example involves your employees. If they become injured on a job site, having workers’ compensation insurance may help cover the costs associated with their injuries. Having proper coverage helps to safeguard you and your clients’ future.

No matter what your field of expertise, we can help you find an insurance solution.

Not all policies are created equal. We take care to align your operations and your coverages so that your services are included in your coverage, and you’re not paying for high risk services you don’t provide. From residential block surveys to Aerial Mapping to Oil and Gas Surveyors and everything in between, we have options for you.

Equipment coverage helps protect your business and equipment.

We understand the importance of insuring your surveying equipment at its full replacement cost with new instruments. Not all insurers follow this practice and instead may offer coverage based on the depreciated value of an instrument, which isn’t always sufficient for the needs in this industry.

Safeguard your expensive drones while protecting yourself against liability.

The use of drones is prevalent in the surveying industry. Drones are changing the field, often making your jobs quicker and safer, but they are not without their own set of risks. Drones are excluded from General Liability policies as they are “aircraft”. To insure them for liability and physical damage, you have to have a special drone policy. There are two main coverage parts to consider:

  • Your Liability – for bodily injury or property damage your drone operation causes to third parties.
  • Your Property – covering your drone for physical damage if it is stolen or damaged.

Your business may have many moving parts.

We understand that every business is different and has their own unique set of needs. Let the ANCO team work with you to determine what other coverages might be right for your business.

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