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Insurance for Land Surveyors

Land Surveyor Insurance - Survey Equipment in Use

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Business PackageErrors & Omissions PolicyDrone Policy

Business Package Policy

A combination of general liability, equipment & property coverages on your building and contents. We also cover workers’ compensation, auto & umbrella coverages.

Errors & Omissions Policy

E&O or Professional Liability protects you for claims made against you for a professional error, such as negligence, errors, omissions or misstatements, defending you even if such claims are false or fraudulent.

Drone Policy

Employing the use of drones can make surveying more efficient and profitable, but Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) are excluded by a general liability policy as they are classified as an “aircraft.”

The Risks Land Surveyors are Commonly up Against

Your role as a land surveyor involves locating property boundaries, creating new boundaries when subdividing, mapping out the infrastructure, and identifying the topography of the land. The accuracy of your work is what your clients rely on, and if you make an error, it can cost them money and potentially property, all of which can result in a lawsuit. For example, if you survey land for a client and they get into a dispute with a neighbor regarding the boundaries of their property, your work could come into question. Or if your survey results fail to include accurate topography measurements, it could cause problems or delays with the construction of a building. Here are some additional risks your policy should protect you from:

  • Auto Accidents
  • Employment Practices Lawsuits
  • Cyber Claims
  • Equipment & Property Damage

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