Renters Insurance

Did you know that, as a renter, your possessions are not protected by your landlord’s insurance policy? The only items covered under that policy are the dwelling itself and any other related structures. To protect yourself, your pocketbook and your belongings, it is highly recommended that you carry your own renters policy.

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The Basics of Apartment, Co-op and Condo Insurance in Texas

Most renters policies provide protection in four basic areas:

  • Personal property: From clothes to electronics to jewelry, you have accumulated a great number of personal belongings that you would be hard-pressed to recoup should a pipe burst or a fire occur.
  • Temporary living expenses: If your rental becomes uninhabitable for a time period, your renters insurance policy will step in to cover hotel and food costs that you may not otherwise be able to afford.
  • Legal liability: If someone is hurt while on your rental property, they could sue you for damages. This aspect of your policy will help cover costs associated with this lawsuit.
  • Medical expenses: If the individual who was hurt required medical care, your policy will help shoulder the burden of those costs.

For owners of co-ops or condos, a homeowners policy would cover much of the same listed above, along with additional protection. Reach out to our independent agents to learn more about co-op and condo insurance.

Catering to the College Crowd

If you are a college student living off campus, renters insurance is a must. We often work with students of Texas A&M, as well as various other local colleges and universities, to discuss risks and identify potential coverage needs. We take into account all belongings, including textbooks, bikes and laptops, when analyzing how much coverage would be adequate for your personal insurance needs.

Rental Property Insurance for Landlords

Whether you are renting out a beach home, gulf property or your second home on a lake, we can help. From a dwelling fire policy to debris removal to loss of rents, we have access to all the insurance options you will need to stay safe as a landlord and to protect your investment.

Insurance for leased out homes is a unique niche that not all insurance companies fully understand. At Anco, we know what risks are involved and the insurance offerings provided by the various companies working in this area.

Contact Anco Insurance for a Free Renters Insurance Quote

Whether you are seeking a new renters policy or would like to research your options for transferring your policy to another company, we can help. We will take your information and request free quotes from multiple insurance companies. We will then compare these quotes with you and explain your options to you so you can make an informed decision. Contact our Texas agency today to learn more.