Insurance for Texas High-Value Homes

Protecting your lifestyle — this is what we at Anco Insurance do. Such protection becomes exceedingly important for homeowners who own higher-end homes, such as custom homes, historic homes, rooftop condos, gentleman farms and other unique living spaces. We work with Chubb, a highly reputable insurance company specializing in protection for high-value, high-asset homeowners, to find you the right coverage for your property.

When Homeowners Insurance Isn’t Enough

In Texas, high-value home insurance policies protect homes worth $1 million or greater. These homeowner insurance policies may include anything from restoration costs and replacement coverage to general liability and protection against lost or stolen belongings. However, these policies do come with limits, both in the form of monetary caps and types of coverage offered. We can help you understand where your policy limits stop and where you may require further protection:

  • Personal property insurance: With somewhat low limits of coverage for personal property worked into a basic homeowners policy, we often recommend that our clients schedule their valuable personal property to obtain extra coverage. Talk to us about how you can add endorsements for your art, antiques, jewelry, guns, movie memorabilia, or other unique collections.
  • Flood insurance: Flood insurance is not included in any homeowners policy, but is available on a separate policy. With the variety of storms that occur in Texas, this type of coverage is a must-have for any homeowner.
  • Mold coverage: While most home policies come with minimum limits to address damage caused by mold, those limits often fall short of covering the costs of such damage in higher-end homes, especially when mold damages custom woodwork. We can help you understand what the minimum limits mean in your existing policy so you can decide whether you should obtain additional protection.
  • Additional legal liability protection: Your high-value home insurance policy will include in it financial support should you be sued by someone who was hurt by your actions or while on your property. However, there are limits within these policies, most of which do not cover the full costs of litigation. We can offer you excess liability coverage in the form of umbrella policies, up to $20 million.

Insurance for Your Classic Car or Custom Ride

In addition to providing the right homeowners insurance for you, we will also assist you in finding auto insurance for your high-value cars. Whether you’re a car enthusiast, a long-time collector or a sentimentalist who can’t help but own all the cars his father had when he was growing up, we understand that the general, run-of-the mill car insurance policy does not offer adequate coverage for your prized possessions. For this reason, we have built relationships with a variety of insurance companies, including Chubb, who can provide the right policy for your specific needs. Reach out to us to request free car insurance quotes for your special automobiles:

  • Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin or other high-value cars
  • Classic cars and collector cars, including your Camaro, Model-T or Roadster
  • Custom bikes , ATVs and other recreational vehicles

Packaging All of Your Insurance Needs

At Anco, we understand that the true value of insurance isn’t in the limits you choose or the premiums you pay, but in the service you are provided by your independent agent. We focus our efforts in ensuring that all of your needs are packaged together in one personal insurance portfolio. This gives you better understanding of your coverage, as well as offering you one source for all of your insurance questions and concerns. From bundling policies and obtaining discounts to seeking out new policies when your circumstances change and assisting you with the claims process, you can rest assured we will always work with your best interests in mind.

We Insure Custom Homes throughout Texas

Contact Anco Insurance today to discuss how to insure your custom home. From Austin, Houston, Bryan-College Station and Livingston, we provide the full spectrum of insurance services for high-value homeowners throughout Texas.