AncoTek: Medical Equipment Insurance

If you sell, service, or repair medical equipment, you may be held legally liable for bodily injury, death, or property damage that results after you serviced the equipment.

Most standard insurance packages exclude coverage from incidents resulting from the service of medical equipment. The sale of refurbished equipment causing bodily injury, wrong calibrations of medical equipment causing injury or even death, or destruction of equipment as a result of your servicing are examples of events that are not covered by most insurance policies.

As a result, many hospitals and businesses are requiring service companies to maintain insurance coverage that protects both the service company and the client against these types of occurrences.

At the request of independent service organizations around the country, Anco Insurance has designed an insurance program that protects against incidents resulting from the sale and service of medical equipment.

Premium Financing at Preferred Rates

The Ancotek Insurance Program for Medical Equipment Sales & Service is a custom-designed insurance coverage program for independent service organizations and is underwritten by Anco Insurance. The Ancotek Insurance Program offers substantially reduced rates and special financing on liability insurance. We also offer umbrella coverage. An online application form and detailed program information are available for your review.

Cost Savings

Even if you currently have insurance coverage, the Ancotek Insurance Program can save you money. Due to the number of service and sales organizations already participating in the program, the Ancotek Insurance Program offers substantially reduced rates which have saved clients up to 50 percent of what they were paying with previous programs. Low minimum premium and special financing allows even the smallest companies the ability to afford this coverage.

Medical Product Liability Insurance Features

The Ancotek Insurance’s medical product liability insurance program features the following important coverage:

  • Products/completed operations
  • Broad form property damage coverage
  • Blanket contract liability
  • Premises liability
  • Personal injury liability
  • All types of medical equipment, including anesthesia, nuclear, MRI, radiation, new, used and refurbished
  • Low minimum premium
  • Low deductible

To learn more about Anco Insurance’s Ancotek insurance for medical equipment sales and service program, fill out our Med-Tech Application Form and email it to [email protected] or fax it to 979-774-5372. If you need help, contact Judy Payne or contact our team today.