AncoTek: Medical Repair, Sales, & Service Insurance

If you sell, service, or repair medical equipment, you could be held legally liable for any resulting bodily injury, death, or property damage. Many hospitals and businesses are requiring independent service organizations to maintain insurance coverage that protects both the service company and the client.

  • General Liability
  • Occurrence Form
  • Low Minimum Premium
  • No Deductible
  • Umbrella Coverage Available
  • Workers’ Compensation Available
  • Technician Bailee’s Liability Available

Since 1998, the AncoTek Insurance Program has featured custom designed insurance coverage for general liability.

Coverage is also available for equipment at the job site or in transit.

The AncoTek Insurance Program offers reduced rates and financing. We understand the industry and its special exposures, and are ready to put that expertise to work for you.

To learn more about ANCO Insurance’s AncoTek insurance for medical equipment sales and service program, fill out our Med-Tech Application Form. If you need help, contact our team today.

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