Homeowners Insurance

At Anco Insurance, we write home insurance policies that protect homeowners and renters. Contact our Bryan-College Station, Houston, Austin, or Livingston, Texas, office for information and quotes on the following:

  • Renters insurance : We offer a full range of renters insurance services to all renters, including numerous students of Texas A&M and other area colleges and universities.
  • First home insurance: First-time home buyers can face an uphill battle when it comes to understanding insurance requirements and sifting through all the options. If you are looking at buying your first home, reach out to us. Our team will work hard to make this process as seamless and easy as possible.
  • Co-op and condo insurance: With the state of our economy today, renting or owning a condo is often an economical option for individuals and families. Speak to us about how this choice affects your insurance premiums and what special considerations you may need to take into account.
  • Second homes and vacation homes: Whether you have a vacation home on the coast or a lake home that you visit every weekend, we understand the nuances involved in protecting homes that are not used year-round.
  • High-value home insurance : Through Chubb, we offer tailored policies for high-end, wealthy homeowners who have unique insurance needs. From high-value cars to expensive memorabilia collections to mansions with expansive lots, we have you covered.
  • Rental property insurance: If you have purchased a home with the purpose of renting it out, you will require rental property insurance to cover the dwelling. One typical rent house insurance policy is a dwelling fire policy made specifically for landlords. Learn more by discussing your rental property with our skilled insurance agents.
  • Family farms and ranches: For farmers and ranchers with 5 to 10 acres, we can compare rates from numerous companies that address your specific activities. We can also provide you with any potential agribusiness insurance needs that might arise during your general operations.

Wind, Hail & Flood Insurance for Texas Homeowners

From tropical depressions to hurricanes to tornadoes and snow storms, Texas has seen it all. With such a variety of natural events, we find it necessary to discuss with all of our home owners and renters the importance of purchasing extra coverage in the form of wind, hail and flood insurance. This extra coverage can provide you with the financial cushion you would need if you lost everything to one of these natural disasters.

Additional Personal Property Protection

Home insurance policies come with basic limits on personal belongings and jewelry. It is quite common for most homeowners to exceed these limits, even if they don’t own a large gun collection, art collection or a vast amount of jewelry. Speak to us about purchasing additional coverage for these items should your belongings be lost, damaged or stolen.

Discounts on Your Homeowners Insurance Premiums

There can be multiple insurance discounts available to homeowners, including a new home discount, alarm discount and companion policy discount. One discount we especially encourage is the multi-policy discount, which not only decreases overall out-of-pocket costs to you, but also packages policies for easier management. Learn about which discounts you may be eligible for by talking with a knowledgeable staff member at our independent agency.

Umbrella Insurance for Homeowners and Renters

In addition to additional personal property protection, you can also purchase an umbrella policy to protect you in the event of a liability lawsuit, should someone be injured while on your property or due to one of your actions. This additional liability protection kicks in once your homeowners or auto insurance liability limits are met, or when they don’t apply at all.

At Anco Insurance, We’ll Cover You

Whether you need homeowners or auto insurance or coverage for your toys, we can help. Contact our knowledgeable agents today to get help insuring your lifestyle. We have five convenient locations throughout the state to best serve you.