Texas Group Benefit Plans: Quotes & Coverage

Employers seeking a competitive edge over their competition are now turning to expanded offerings of worksite benefits for their employees. In Texas, employer plans are no longer limited to group health and group life insurance. Whether you are a new employer seeking to build your benefit package or an existing employer who is looking to add or change your current group plan, we can help.

Group Plans for Texas Businesses

With group plans being driven more and more by employee benefits, it can be somewhat difficult to stay on top of all potential offerings and what they mean for you as a business owner. There are a number of worksite benefits that you can choose from:

  • Health insurance: From high-deductible plans to health savings accounts and co-payment plans, we can help you identify which plans offer the benefits you can afford that will also be enticing to your employees.
  • Life insurance: We can compare rates for life polices so you can choose the one that best fits your company goals.
  • Dental insurance: Routine cleanings, orthodontic care and oral surgery can all be covered under one dental insurance offering. Talk to us about which options matter for you and we’ll help you find the insurance company or companies that meet your needs.
  • Vision insurance: You can choose from plans that only cover eye exams to more comprehensive plans that offer coverage for prescription glasses, contact lenses and Lasik surgery.
  • Accident insurance: This can provide cash benefits to employees who suffer injuries caused in accidents.
  • Disability insurance: Short-term and long-term disability coverage helps cover a loss of income upon a diagnosis with a disability, and may help keep your employees engaged with you even while they are recovering.
  • Gap insurance: This policy helps to cover major medical deductibles and helps lower rising health care costs.
  • Specified-disease insurance: Any specified-disease insurance policy, such as cancer heart attack or stroke insurance, offers cash benefits for costs not covered by the major medical plan you offer.

Did you know that many voluntary worksite benefits won’t actually cost you anything if you add these benefits to your plan? Learn more by speaking with one of our knowledgeable independent agents.

ANCO Knows Group Benefits

Our agency has been offering group plans to employers ever since these types of benefits emerged years ago. We have gained extensive experience and knowledge throughout the years, along with having built strong relationships with some of the most respected local and national insurance companies in the industry, including Blue Cross and United Healthcare, Scott & White, Aetna, Humana, Cigna and First Care. All of this adds up to our ability to provide service to employer groups that no one else can match, from competitive products to human resources assistance to claims and billing help.

Compare Group Health Insurance Rates with Our Help

Our agents are standing ready to help you compare group health insurance rates, as well as other worksite benefits. Contact our independent agency today for guidance.