Texas Oilfield Insurance & Offshore Contracting Coverage

Oil and gas service contractors face risks that most businesses never have to think about, including explosions, collapses, cratering and pollution. Luckily, at Anco Insurance, you will find a team of knowledgeable insurance agents who know what you’re facing and can help you create a portfolio that best protects you.

We know that a general business insurance plan is not enough to cover the unique risks faced by oil and gas service contractors. For contractors in Texas, oilfield insurance, offshore oil rig insurance and insurance for underground storage tanks all need to be at top of mind.

Protecting Offshore and Onshore Contractors

Our offshore and oilfield insurance programs reach a variety of contractors:

  • Drillers
  • Jobbers
  • Hot oil contractors
  • Gas contractors
  • Paraffin cutters
  • Haulers

Regardless of the work you do in the oil and gas industry, turn to us for all of your insurance needs. We understand unique policies such as oil lease operator forms and drilling rig floaters to a variety of more commonly understood policies:

  • General liability, covering physical injuries, property damage, slander and medical bills
  • Umbrella coverage/excess liability, covering liability claims not covered by your general policy
  • Errors and omissions (E&O)/professional liability, covering errors in process, design or production
  • Property insurance, covering damage or destruction of your rigs and other equipment
  • Workers compensation, covering illnesses or injuries sustained by employees while on the job
  • Commercial auto, covering physical injuries and property damage caused by covered drivers in your business automobiles

We can also provide protection for other related coverage needs, such as ocean marine, inland marine, bonds and leased property.

Pollution Insurance for Oil & Gas Contractors

While the oil and gas service industry is full of risks, no single issue gains more news, attention and general outcry than that of pollution. Carrying pollution insurance can protect you in the event of faulty design (errors and omissions/E&O) or if someone on the job causes an oil spill (incident-specific coverage). Even if oil leaks are not part of the normal course of business, they absolutely should be covered in any insurance portfolio.

Anco Will Stand by You

Our team is dedicated to the success of your oil or gas business. We will work hard to ensure you have all the tools required to face your day-to-day operations with the right protection. From quote comparisons and purchasing to ongoing review of your policies and in-house assistance with claims , we will be there at all stages of your insurance portfolio lifecycle.

When it is time for you to find an insurance partner who will protect your business, look no further than Anco.

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From riggers insurance to pollution insurance, we have your oil and gas service contractor insurance needs covered. Contact Anco Insurance to discuss our experience with offshore drilling and oilfield insurance or to get your free insurance quote.