ANCO Insurance, Serving Texas Since 1873

Our mission at ANCO Insurance is to provide peace of mind to customers, communities, shareholders and employees. Since we first opened our doors in 1873 our agency has been striving to fulfill that mission on a daily basis. One way of meeting the needs of those we serve is by making ourselves accessible. To that end, ANCO Insurance Managers has convenient locations throughout Texas:

As an independent agency with multiple offices and more than 100 employees, we find we are able to offer the best of two worlds: the attention and support provided by a small agency and the clout and resources normally found at large companies.

Business, Home, Car, Life & Health Insurance for Clients Throughout Texas

We strive to provide all the services you may need during your life. We offer business, home and car insurance programs for our personal and business clients. Additionally, we provide a variety of life and health insurance programs to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. We also fully staff a bonds department and have a 24/7 claims department.

Extensive Opportunities to Find the Right Coverage

When it comes to choosing an independent insurance agency, one key consideration to take into account is which companies each agency works with. At ANCO, we have built a network of over 100 insurance companies that we can pull from to find coverage that best meets your particular needs. This gives you access to quote comparisons from numerous companies, allowing you to choose from a large array of competitive rates and tailored services.

Common Sense Markets – Sharing Our Services

Through our agency marketing program called Common Sense Markets, we have partnered with numerous smaller agencies throughout Texas to provide them with access to our unique insurance markets. We see this as a way for both our agents as well as our partners to grow in service and quality.

Committed to Our Community

We believe there is a responsibility to help the people of the communities in which we all live. From heart and cancer associations to local animal shelters and the Special Olympics, our organization sponsors numerous local charitable organizations and events each year. Additionally, our staff and members of our board of directors are highly involved in numerous charities on an individual level.

Join ANCO Today

If you would like to learn more about our services and what it means to be part of our community, review our testimonials or reach out to our team personally. You may either contact our Texas agency online or call 800-749-1733. We look forward to working with you.