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Tips for Condominium Owners

Insuring a condominium unit is more complicated than insuring a single-family home, because condo ownership involves laws and contracts that affect the way insurance should be provided. If you own a condominium, here are some tips you can use to be sure your investment is protected. There is no way to arrange insurance on a condo unit without referring to the laws and contracts affecting

Public Adjusters

Question: A customer recently asked us about their building which suffered significant damage in a hail storm. They were contacted by a public adjuster and wanted to know if they needed to hire a public adjuster to deal with the insurance company. When you report a claim to your property insurer, the insurance company assigns a licensed claims adjuster to walk you through the process of

Mergers, Acquisitions and Name Changes

If you are planning on acquiring [or merging with] another business, changing your entity name, or changing our organizational structure you need to contact your insurance agent as soon as possible to let them know about these changes. Your insurance policies must be changed before you begin to operate under a new name or legal structure. Your policies cover operations and activities conducted

Keeping Up With Building Codes

A customer recently learned that the city building code requires automatic fire sprinklers for their building and asked if their property insurance would pay for installation of a sprinkler system. Your commercial property insurance policy responds only when your building is damaged by a covered cause of loss, so it won’t help pay the cost to install sprinklers or comply with other building

Insurance Requirements for Suppliers and Vendors

Are your suppliers and vendors properly insured before they deliver products to you or their employees visit your premises? Are you sure you have limited your company’s liability as much as possible when you sell, use or distribute these products? What kinds of insurance should you require and what documentation is needed to accomplish these goals? First, consult with your attorney to review